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Phillip Honanie

Specializing in Hopi Jewelry

Specializing in Hopi Indian Jewelry, Hopi Jewelry, Hopi silver, Hopi silver jewelry & Hopi silver overlay jewelry

toll free #:         877-894-4038
international #: 970-586-4529

Phillip has been making jewelry since the mid-sixties and is a very accomplished silversmith.  His work displays incredible craftsmanship and a deep sense of spirituality in design. 

To us, Phillip is the Hopi spirit.  He has traveled the sometimes rutted roads of life and has always carried with him an unparalleled sense of humor.  He is a historian, a story teller and a teacher - after hearing us say the word "kokopelli", Phillip said "there are no Italian Katsinas".  He then taught us the proper pronunciation of kokopelli, actually a lesson of "how-to" hold one's mouth correctly to make the sounds come out correctly.  Philip always makes us laugh.

It is entirely appropriate that Phil's hallmark is the Hopi sign for friendship, the pair of crescents.

Phillip is Bear Clan.  He lives and works in the second Mesa village of Shungopovi.

We are sadden to report that since this photo was taken in the summer of 2002, Phillip's wife and best friend Hilda has died and Phillip is battling diabetes.   He is no longer making jewelry so please, please treasure any piece of his jewelry that you may own.

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