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Chris Mansfield

Specializing in Hopi Jewelry

toll free #:         877-894-4038
international #: 970-586-4529

Specializing in Hopi Indian Jewelry, Hopi Jewelry, Hopi silver, Hopi silver jewelry, Hopi silver overlay jewelry including Hopi buckles and Hopi Bolo ties.

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 Hello Friends

My name is Chris Mansfield.  I'm from the village of Hotevilla (3rd Mesa) and from the Greasewood Clan.   My father is the late Verden Mansfield (well-known Artist) who has inspired me in the art of silversmithing as well as being a farmer and a rancher.  With this knowledge, I take care of my beautiful family; my wife, Rhonda Lomakema & daughter Sherece Bilagody.  My wife and I were married  through the Hopi Traditional Wedding in 2013.

While growing up, I watched my Father at work making Hopi overlay jewelry (this was his main source of income for the family).  In watching him, I became interested. He began handing me scraps of silver to experiment and learn the techniques of making overlay jewelry (this was during my High School years).  His words have always stayed with me; "…you are selling yourself, do your best on each piece".  So, with that in mind, each piece is done with quality work and careful thought of what symbols I use.

My designs are based on clans; each clan has its purpose or duties. Hopis are known to be farmers, so our ceremonies are always for rain/snow…rain for our crops/moisture for the land.     You will find that many of my designs include the rain/snow clouds.  Another is the Sun, our Father, to whom we make prayers and offerings; for great life, to be prosperous in the daily things we do.  My designs have unique symbols, I try to keep them simple and self-explanatory.

I enjoy making Hopi jewelry;  my time and thoughts put into each piece amounts to great quality work.   I am very thankful to my Father for all the teachings he  handed down to me.    I hope that you all love what you see in my artwork.

 Kwa-kwai'   (Thank you)

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