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Specializing in Hopi Indian Jewelry, Hopi Jewelry, Hopi silver, Hopi silver jewelry, Hopi silver overlay jewelry including Hopi buckles and Hopi Bolo ties.

Hopi Concho Belt


Pictured here (coiled and a close up of two of the conchos) is an old Hopi Concho Belt  created by Hopi Silversmith, Steven Sockyma while he was working at Hopi Crafts (sometime in the 1970s).  It carries both his hallmark and that of Hopi Crafts.  Tawa the Sun appears on the 8 conchos, which measure 2 by 4 inches on a black 51" leather belt that is 2 inches wide.  The rays of the sun are actually prayer feathers.  Each concho carries a high polish and as mentioned above, Steven Sockyma's initials on the reverse side.
961-30000                        $4,800.00

96130000 Hopi Belt sm

Tawa, the Father Sun is featured on this highly polished concho belt by the late Sidney Sekakuku, Jr.  Sidney was known for the exquisite workmanship on his concho belts...this one created when he worked at the Hopi Silvercraft Guild in the 1970s.  Although this piece was previously owned, it is obvious that it has never been worn.  It measures 43 inches long by 1 7/8 inches wide, with 10 conchos that measure 2 3/8 inches in diameter and a 2 3/4 by 4 inch buckle.  Sidney's hallmark, an Antelope track and the Sunface hallmark of the Guild are stamped on the reverse side.  Beautiful!
962-20072                                                                                                                                            $3,000.00

Sydney Belt Front s
Sydney Buckle Front s

Hopi Tie Tacks

Pictured here are Hopi Silver Tie Tacks expertly crafted by Silversmith, Tim Mowa.  They all have a satin finish and carry Tim's hallmark, an inverted triangle representing the Sun's Mouth under the tack on the reverse side.

96220085 Hopi Tie Tack

Star, 1/2 inch in diameter
961-20085          $70.00

96220087 Hopi Tie Tack

Prayer Feathers, 7/16 inch in diameter
961-20087                  $70.00

96220091 Hopi Tie Tack

Prayer Feather, 3/8 inch in diameter
961-20091                     $70.00

96220092 Hopi Tie Tack

Native American Items


Lightning and Rain, 9/16 of an inch in diameter
961-20089          $70.00

Prayer Feather with Water Wave 1/2 inch in diameter
961-20092                   $70.00


This older Navajo made bolo appears to be the work of  Jimmie Long, although we cannot be certain.  Sadly, the lovely piece of turquoise on this bolo does have a crack in it.  The pendant measures 1 1/4 inches at the widest part by 1 1/2 inches, with the cord measuring 36 inches tip to tip.  This might be the perfect "starter" piece for a young, aspiring collector of Native Art.
962-10099                                                                   $75.00

Bolo Hallmark
Bolo small1

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