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Specializing in Hopi Indian Jewelry, Hopi Jewelry, Hopi silver, Hopi silver jewelry, Hopi silver overlay jewelry including Hopi buckles and Hopi Bolo ties.

Handmade Hopi Chains

 We consider ourselves  fortunate to be able to offer a variety of handmade Hopi chains.  These chains are not easily found and typically command high prices when they are available.  The cost is reflective of their scarcity and the amount of work that goes into their making.  Each link is formed of sterling silver, formed and soldered by hand.  It is a tedious process but one which yields a distinctive and rich look which cannot be obtained in commercial chains. (See example below)  These sterling silver chains are a complement to any pendant, ones you already own as well as any you may purchase here.

It should also be noted that due to the richness imparted by the hand crafting, these chains also look wonderful when worn individually - just as a chain.

Loren Chains s

Loren Kootswatewa makes the high quality, well proportioned 24 inch long chains, we have carried for years.  As stated above, his chains are a complement to any hand crafted pendant and provide a simple but rich sophistication when worn by themselves.
Shown here are the five sizes of chains Loren offers. 
Small links measure 1/4 of an inch long                           $100.00
**One 26 inch, small link chain available**                    $104.00
Medium links measure 5/16 of an inch long                    $100.00
Large links measure 3/8 of an inch long                           $110.00
Extra Large links measure 1/2 of an inch long                $130.00
Jumbo links measure 5/8 of an inch long                          $140.00

Parrot com chain

Smaller pendants can benefit from a handmade chain.  Notice what significance this small Parrot pendant takes on when teamed with a small link Hopi silver chain (shown on the right} as compared to the photo with a commercial chain on the left .
NOTE:  This pendant is no longer available for sale.

Parrot Fernando chain

We were happy to acquire sterling silver handmade chains by Silversmith, Yvette Talaswaima, wife of Silversmith, Gerald Lomaventema.  Yvette has a unique style to her chains and uses a lightning bolt at the end of the piece, as her hallmark.  A close up of the clasp shows that the chain may connect at the very end for the full length or may be shortened by attaching it to any of the links.   On some of the chains, Yvette has hand stamped designs for lightning and corn on the links.

a) 21" Chain with 1/4" long l inks with stamping                           SOLD
b) 21" Chain with 1/2" long links with stamping                           $240.00
c) 20" Chain with 1/2" long links without stamping                      $200.00
d) 19" Chain with 1/4" long links, without stamping                     SOLD                                                     

96190078 Hopi Chain


96130219 s chain

This handmade, satin-finished, 22 inch chain by Yvette Talaswaima alternates oblong, 1/2 inch links, with round, 1/4 inch links that are stamped as indicated in the picture below.  The "space" from the top of the oblong link to the bottom measures 1/4 of an inch.   Yvette's signature lightning bolt finishes the piece.
961-90078                                     $350.00


Yvettes chains2017


96190078 links
Yvettes chains
Jerolyns Hopi Necklaces
Jerolyns Bead close up

Jerolyn Honwytewa, the daughter of Yvette Talaswaima and Gerald Lomaventema is an extremely talented silversmith in her own right, as exhibited in these sterling silver handmade beaded necklaces.  Each handmade bead measures 3/16 by 1/4 inch (oval..see the close up photo above)  The pictured outer necklace measures 24 inches (16 inches of beads with 4 inches of handmade chain and clasp on each side).  Pictured inside the larger necklace is an 18 inch necklace (11 inches of beads with 3 1/2 inches of handmade chain and clasp on each side).  Jerolyn's hallmark, Corn Stalk is stamped on the clasp.
18 inch necklace                                             $400.00
24 inch necklace                                             $600.00

Silversmith, Anderson Koinva has provided us with some hand-made, sterling silver neck rings as shown below.  The silver is flexible enough to "mold" around the neck and sturdy enough to handle the weight of most pendants.   End to end it measures approximately 14 inches with the back open (there is no clasp) and about 1/8 of an inch wide.  A very dramatic way to display any pendant as a choker!                     $128.00
NOTE:  This pendant is no longer available for sale.

Pendant on commerical chain
Neck Ring with pendant

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